Willbert is a Polish manufacturer of fast DC chargers.


This manufacturer offers top quality chargers, they look beautiful with the glass walls that color up with LED. These chargers are for car parks and can deliver up to 600KW per plug, which is unique in Flanders.

The chargers can charge up to 4 cars simultaneously on 1 charger. You can also get them with 2 cables CCS2 plugs.

Willbert stands for quality and commitment to their customers.

We at Q EV Solutions are proud to be able to offer this brand as a wholesaler to our customers, this is a brand with a strong image and top quality chargers.


Be sure to view our devices that we distribute in Belgium for both the Netherlands and Luxembourg

The willbert chargers have a large LED screen where you can clearly read all parameters

These chargers are made by the Euroloop group, which is an established name in software and hardware

The origins of the company go back to March 2017, when it started as a spin-off of Elon Musk’s SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition, where the founders won one of five grand prizes (the Innovation Award).

Top 3 charging stations from Willbert


Willbert Amber I


Willbert Amber II 2 CCS2 connections


Willbert Amber II 4 CCS2 connections

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