Gresgying is a Chinese manufacturer of fast DC and AC chargers.


This manufacturer offers top quality chargers, they are +-30% cheaper than European chargers but certainly no less in quality. If you know that they produce chargers for top brands such as PB and Shell, this already says something about the quality of the chargers.

They have chargers up to 720KW, which is extremely heavy and can be perfectly used for trucks and buses in our country.

Gresgying has a Belgian manager with whom we as dealers can have a 1-on-1 conversation with problems, which makes us stronger and allows us to take action more quickly if any questions arise.

We at Q EV Solutions are proud to be able to offer this brand as a wholesaler to our customers, this is a brand with a strong image and top quality chargers.


Be sure to take a look at our devices that we distribute in Belgium for both the Netherlands and Luxembourg

Gresgying chargers are made with the most technological gadgets on board.

We offer both AC and DC chargers in Belgium.

The AC chargers are 22KW and are supplied with type 2 cable or socket version.

The DC chargers are all supplied with the CCS2 plugs and can be cooled or non-cooled cables. (depending on the weight of the charger)

Due to the large stock in China, the chargers can be delivered quickly, depending on the customer, this can be done by kite or boat.


We at Q ev solutions ensure an A to Z delivery of these chargers and guarantee the entire warranty of these products.

Top 3 charging stations from Gresgying


Gresgying 30KW


Gresgying 120KW/180KW


Gresgying 60KW

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