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Etrel chargers belong to the world top when it comes to EV charging.

In 2021, Etrel became part of Landis + Gyr, which means they represent a centre of excellence for electric charging.

These chargers are smart and prevent the high energy bills that everyone is experiencing these days.

The chargers are suitable for home charging, but there are also chargers for businesses and chargers suitable for public spaces. You can align the chargers with each other and integrate them into a network so that your parking lot can be equipped with a large number of chargers.

All these chargers are easy to operate with our charging cables thanks to the software of the Etrel chargers. This way, you can monitor and manage the whole network of your chargers.

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Professionals can become a buyer with us. Visit our partner page to do this and ask for a login.

The Etrel chargers are made of robust materials, which makes them extremely strong and reliable.

As a company, you can also place a bank card system in the inch duo so that you can start earning money immediately when third parties visit your network to charge – think of a petrol station, for example.

As a company, you can take advantage of a subsidy that the government is still offering today, for the time being until April 2023. Go to our subsidy page and see what the government can do for you.

We also provide an installation service for these chargers. Please feel free to contact us for this.

Top 3 charging stations from Etrel


Etrel Inch Duo 2x22KW – 32A

4 998.00

Etrel Inch PRO 7.4KW- 22KW – 32A

1 503.00

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