Product specifications



Charging capacity

22kw at 32A, 7.5kw at 32A

Number of phases

Single phase 7.4KW, Three phase 22KW

Plug type

Type 2



Charge card system



Graphite Gray, White

Charging cable


LED screen


Smart charging station


WiFi and bluetooth


Smart APP


CE approval



2 years

IP value


Type of charging station

Stand-alone with a mounting pole (optional), Wallbox

Etrel Inch PRO 7.4KW- 22KW – 32A

1 503.00

This Etrel Inch PRO is the ideal charging station for your company, every parking facility and even for your home. This premium-quality charging station offers several advantages.

It is made of sturdy, durable material.

This charging station has built-in electrical protection.

This smart charging station helps you manage your costs and even the revenues from third parties that come to charge at your premises. You can use our charging cards that manage the entire system for you.

The charger has a built-in socket connection.

A small LCD screen lets you see if the charger is charging, when, for how long, etc.

This charger has a built-in earth-leakage circuit breaker type A + DC fault current detection sensor 6MA.

You can mount this charger on your wall but also on a plinth mounting system back-to-back so you can charge 2 cars on 1 point, ideal for parking lots.

When you buy this charging station, you can still take advantage of a generous subsidy from our government, visit the subsidy page on our site.

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