Circontrol is a Spanish manufacturer of both AC and DC chargers.

This manufacturer offers top quality chargers, both for private individuals and for large and small SMEs, from ordinary 7.4 kW AC chargers to 400 kW DC fast chargers.

Circontrol stands for quality and commitment to their customers.

We at Q EV Solutions are proud to be able to offer this brand as a wholesaler to our customers, this is a brand with a strong image and top quality chargers.

Be sure to check out our devices that we distribute in Belgium for both the Netherlands and Luxembourg

The Circontrol chargers are made of robust materials, which makes them super strong and reliable.

This manufacturer supplies a charger for every occasion, municipalities, charging stations, houses, underground and above-ground garages, car parks, etc.

As a company, you can also use a bank card system in different place chargers so that you can immediately earn money when third parties come to charge on your network – just think of a gas station.

As a company you can enjoy a subsidy that the government still gives today, for the time being until April 2023. Go to our subsidy page and see what the government can do for you.

We also provide installations for these chargers. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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