Q. ev solutions laadpalen

We are a wholesaler/distribution company that directly distributes imports from the East as well as A brands from Europe.

For Gunther Quidé the CEO of Q. EV. Solutions and distributions it is not his first experience. He already has 28 years of experience in purchasing and sales, he has various management positions and companies that are still run successfully today.

Our company stands for service and, above all, passion for electric driving.

We are starting this year with a large network of installers, which enables us to switch quickly between our customers and the installation, but service is also a very important theme for us on which we focus.

A question about your charging station?

Both private individuals and the self-employed can find their charging stations with us. We offer a solution for every customer with our company.

For example, we have our own charge cards and CPO servers so that we can offer a total solution to our customers.

We are a fast-growing company in a fast-growing electric vehicle market.

In short at Q. EV. as a customer you are king in solutions and distributions, both our partners and customers are the most important to us.

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