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Have your charging station installed without a hitch, Q. EV. Solutions and distributions take care of it. Our certified technicians will come to your home or company address to install the chargers. When ordering the charger from our webshop, you can specify the type of installation. This is a standard installation that comprises:

  • Call-out fee
  • Working hours of the technician
  • 5 metres of earthworks (only in loose soil or stones)
  • 5-metre single phase connection power cable
  • Connection to the fuse box
  • 2 wall drillings
  • 3 metres of PVC tubing
  • Explanation of the charger

These basic installation costs amount to 450 euros including VAT.

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Extra costs will be charged on location. This is done via the bank APP on the mobile phone, we do not accept payment in cash.

What are the potential additional costs?

  • Extra earth-leakage circuit breaker
  • Extra metres of power cable or a heavier power cable due to the distance from the fuse box to the charger being too long
  • Digital Kwh meter for smart use of the charger
  • Breaking open hard surfaces
  • Placing the charger on an installation pole
  • ..
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If you are a company and you wish to work with charging cards, then you should buy a smart charging station, which will need to be configured. This means we can make a customised offer for your company and the standard installation price quoted above is no longer applicable. To do this, send an email to If you have made a purchase from our webshop, you can include the order number so that we can also get in touch with you.

After the installation you can start charging immediately, nevertheless an inspection of the connection will be carried out by an external inspector for electrical installations. This is a legal requirement for every adjustment in your electricity cabinet and costs 150 euros. We take care of this for you so that you, the customer, have nothing to worry about.