Wallbox is the most famous EV charger producer we know in this world.


They have a solution for every problem.

For example, they produce chargers that mainly think “green” and help you save on your consumption at home or at the company, they do this mainly through the easy operation

via the APP or at the Walboxx platform where you can manage, check and set your charging sessions. .


Wallbox also has a solution for connecting the network and the solar panels, when you have overproduction on the solar panels, it will charge your car with the green energy from the solar panels.


Be sure to check out our devices that we distribute in Belgium for both the Netherlands and Luxembourg

Wallbox are small smart ev chargers and fit in any environment at your home or at your company.

As a company you can enjoy a subsidy that the government still gives today, for the time being until April 2023. Go to our subsidy page and see what the government can do for you.

We also provide installations for these chargers. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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