who is Besen

This German/Chinese company is a leader in EV chargers on the European market.

The factory is located in China and we at Q.EV Solutions and distributions handle the imports for this brand in Belgium.

All chargers are geared towards home charging or for companies which do not make their chargers available to third parties.

Besen is very strong in mobile EV chargers, EV charging cables, EV parts, and especially nice wallbox chargers.


All products are CE approved and therefore suitable for our market.

Besen has been a major player in the EV charging market since 2009, so they have a treasure trove of information. They make parts and the like for European brands.

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App besen laadpalen

App Besen chargers

Repeat charge Charge

parameter settings can be captured in APP and used automatically for each charge.

The 3 main charging parameter settings are:

Delay Cost
Charging Duration
Max Charging Quantity

Single Charge & Repeat Charge can be realized as your request in APP.

Single load
The parameter must be set each time

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