For those who are looking to install a charging station at home, it is important to first consider where you are going to install the charger – indoors or outdoors? If it is installed indoors, then it is not a problem, but if it is installed outdoors, then it must have a high IP value and be able to withstand all types of weather. The latter also applies to companies that want to charge at their buildings or in the parking lot. If it is a car park where a wall installation is not possible, you will need to purchase an installation pole so that the charger can be installed as a ‘stand alone’ station.

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Fuse box

Also important is the distance from the fuse box to the charger. For home use we recommend to place the charger no more than 5 metres from the fuse box. That way, you can also keep the cost of the cables down. If this is not possible, you will have to use a thicker cable, which will make the installation a lot more expensive.

Another important factor is the electricity grid that you have at your disposal, e.g. single or three-phase, 16A or 32A, etc. Therefore, it is important to buy the right charger, depending on the power supply in your home or business.

At Q. EV. Solutions and distributions, we have certified technicians who will do the installation for you. Be sure to take a look at our page about installation locations, where you can find all the necessary information and prices