Product specifications



Charging capacity


Number of phases

3 fase 32A



Charge card system




Charging cable

No / Socket

LED screen


Smart charging station


Type of charging station

freestanding with plinth or hanging

WiFi and bluetooth


Smart APP



2 years

CE approval


Circontrol Post eVolve Smart T

on demand

3 790.00

Out of stock

These duo chargers from Circontrol have a beautiful design and a strong, robust cabinet.

We can wrap and personalize these completely to your wishes.


These chargers are designed for intensive professional use on public roads, parking lots, hotels, etc.


This model is available for both standing and to be mounted on the wall


It can charge 2x22KW on 32A 400V they are also available in 230V

They have 2 sockets for type 2 connection and an LED indicator with LCD screen

The charger already has a differential switch Type A in option type B if you have multiple chargers wish to connect on board 30ma, MID class 1 meter, integrated load management


These devices also exist in DC version, so they can charge more KM per hour than the AC version, up to 150 km/h.


Our chargers that we supply in Belgium are equipped with the following options


– 4G for the back office system


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