Product specifications



Charging capacity


Number of phases

3 fase 32A


type 2



Charge card system




Charging cable

5 meter

LED screen

No – LED light indicator

Smart charging station


Type of charging station

freestanding with plinth or hanging

WiFi and bluetooth


Smart APP



2 years

CE approval


Wallbox Pulsar Plus 22KW 5M kabel type 2 – 3F


This Wallbox Pulsar plus is the ideal home charger if you have solar panels, but of course also for people who do not have them.


In combination with a power meter and your settings on the APP, you will be able to choose between charging via the solar panels and if they produce nothing via the grid, or you choose to charge via the grid only.


We only supply the 22KW version because it can also handle all lower powers and this with a type 2 plug.


With the built-in power booster (dynamic load balancing technology), this charger will use the current you have so that you will always create the highest charging speed that at the moment before your car is in the house.


Don’t forget to order the optional cable holder and power meter if you want to order online and install it yourself.


We at Q ev solutions can also provide a professional installation, please contact us.

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