Product specifications



Charging capacity

2X11kw, 2X22kw

Number of phases


Plug type

Type 2X2



Charge card system




Charging cable


LED screen


Smart charging station


Type of charging station

freestanding public charging station

Twin charger 3 phase

3 749.00

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This Twin stand-alone charging station has everything you need to equip your professional parking area with the required charging infrastructure.

It has everything you need, such as an earth-leakage circuit breaker, counter, fuse, etc., built in so that you can connect this pole directly to the network. These poles are mainly intended for municipalities, public spaces, etc…

They are equipped with 2 type-2 sockets that enable charging at capacities of 2×11 kW or 2×22 kW, depending on the type of connection. When charging with 2×11 kW, you connect 1 electricity cable to 32A. The charging station then chooses if only 1 car is connected to it to deliver 22 kW, but if 2 cars are connected it will deliver 2×11 kW.

If you connect the charging station with two separate electricity cables, each 32A, then this Twin charging station can deliver 2×22 kW.

This intelligent charging station can also be connected to a network and controlled via our OCPP server so that you have full control over the charging station. You can choose how much you want to bill per KW of charging, you can control who can charge for free e.g. staff or family and you can keep track of your revenue etc…

All of this is possible in combination with our charging cards. Ask for more information about our charging cards today.

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