Product specifications



Charging capacity


Number of phases


Plug type

Type 2



Charge card system



Anthracite, White

Charging cable

5 meter

LED screen


Smart charging station


Type of charging station

Stand-alone with a mounting pole (optional), Wallbox


1 year

max output/input


Eve Single S-line with car charging cable 3 phase version

1 108.00

The Alfen Eve single S-line is a charger that has been specially designed for home charging. It can charge up to a capacity of 11 kW on 3 phases 32A.

This charger has a built-in car charging cable so that you can leave your separate cable in the car and you will never forget your charging cable for charging in other places.

This charger is designed for smart charging so that it can keep your electricity bill under control. This means that it will check how much power there is left to use when the car is connected to the charger so that you don’t draw on peak power and end up with a higher electricity bill.

With these chargers, you can take advantage of the subsidy the government gives you when you buy a smart charging station. See the explanation on our subsidy page.

These chargers have a led indicator to show whether the charger is charging or not.

You can use this charger as a single phase but you can also buy a charger with 3 phases with a capacity of 11 kW, in this case the speed of charging is much faster.

The charger can be mounted on a wall or on a mounting pole, the latter is also an option.

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