Product specifications



Charging capacity

3.6KW / 16A

Working voltage

240V AC

Number of phases


Plug type

Type 2 to Schuko


Black, White

Charging cable

5 meter

IP value



2 years

Besen Mobile Charger Type 2 plug to schuko LCD

Original price was: €295.00.Current price is: €255.00.

This mobile charger from Besen has a good watertightness level thanks to its high IP rating.
You can also set the current as needed from 10A to 16A.
The LCD that allow you to track the charging status.
A built-in earth-leakage circuit breaker and over/under-voltage and overheating protection are also built in.
There is also an automatic repair function for the most common charging errors, this charger will repair itself and resume charging.

Better conductivity
The silver plating on the pins ensures better conductivity, higher charging efficiency and effectively reduces heat generation.

Arc design
The special “self-cleaning” design. Impurities on the surface of the pins can be removed with each plug-in. It can also effectively lower the generation of electric sparks.

Integrated design
The plug adapts to a sophisticated integrated design without a screw fixture. The waterproof level of performance is also higher compared to normal two-piece design or screw-on plugs. High Safety Level IK10 can shield the plug from the impact of the car.

Temperature monitoring system
The monitoring system on the plug (patented) is sensitive to changes in temperature. As soon as it detects that the temperature is higher than the set safe value, the power will be automatically cut off.

Ergonomic design
The housing design of the plug has a small-angled horizontal bend. It fits in with customary use of manual force and more convenient for connecting a plug from the socket.

Nl standard
Meets the latest EN standard and requirements for an EV cable.

Environmental protection
Environmentally friendly, halogen-free (halogen cable is a source of pollution, which is not permitted in the EU and some regions of the US)

Highly resistant
Better cold and heat resistance. The elasticity and flexibility of the cable can still be maintained, even the IT is used outside at -40 ℃. Therefore, it will not be become rigid and difficult to use in winter.

Stronger and anti-aging
Stronger and a stronger molecular structure. The cable has a higher level of anti-aging compared with the normal one. The sleeve is less likely to crack, even after prolonged sun exposure and oil immersion.

TPU cable
Material is better at withstanding bending. TPU material can effectively protect the internal cable bundle to operate normally under repeated bending conditions, thereby ensuring that the equipment has a longer service life.

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