Product specifications



Charging capacity

7.5kw at 32A

Number of phases


Plug type

Type 2



Charge card system



Shiny dark gray

Charging cable


LED screen

No – LED light indicator

Smart charging station

Yes, via app

Type of charging station

Stand-alone with a mounting pole (optional), Wallbox

DLB box


WiFi and bluetooth


Smart APP


CE approval


Beny 32A single phase 7.4 kW with socket

Original price was: €499.00.Current price is: €465.00.

This home charger from Beny has an excellent 5-year warranty, making it unique among its series.

These charging stations are from a Chinese manufacturer and are all CE approved. We at Q. EV. Solutions does the importing for these appliances which enables us to offer an excellent price.

The manufacturer is an established valued name in Europe when it comes to all things to do with electrical equipment and components.

This charging station from Beny has a socket connection and no built-in charging cable.

The charging station can be switched to 32A (7.4 kW) on single phases.

The large LED indicator lights clearly show when the charger is active or switched off.

This charger is equipped with an emergency stop button and a leakage detection switch to make sure everything stays safe while charging.

The RFID reader makes it easy to start the charger. A couple of badges are supplied that you can hold in front of the RFID reader to start the charger, this way you avoid complicated procedures for charging.

This charging station is not subsidised by the government!

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