Product specifications

Charging capacity

11kw, 22kw, 3.7kw, 7.4kw

Number of phases


Plug type

Type 2



Charge card system



Anthracite, White

Charging cable

5 meter

LED screen


Smart charging station


Type of charging station

Stand-alone with a mounting pole (optional), Wallbox



max input/output


Alfen Eve Single pro line 3F with built-in car cable 5m

1 270.00

The professional charging station from Alfen can be purchased with a single socket or a built-in car charging cable.

This charger has a built-in car charging cable Type 2 so that you can simply turn up and quickly plug in your cable to start charging. You can leave your own charging cable in the car, this saves time.

This charging station can be set to different charging speeds in kW and amps.

It can be used for private purposes as well as for semi-public purposes.

The charging station has a 3.5″ full colour LCD screen where everything can be clearly displayed. For example, you can read the charging speed, date, time, any eventual charging fees and even add your own logo. This LCD screen is also ideal for QR codes for Direct Payment.

These charging stations can be placed in a  network of 100 charging stations so that you can equip your parking area with a charging bay. All this is controlled with a load balancing system to ensure maximum charging speeds.

As a company, you can manage your charging stations via an ICU connect/EZ connection, which can be combined with our OCPP server.

If you make this semi-public, people can come and charge using your charging station. As an administrator, you can set the price per kW billing via our OCPP server. You can also determine who should be automatically billed and who should not. Let your staff or family charge for free, you get to decide everything yourself.

Ask for more info today about our charging cards and the various options.

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