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Efacec is a manufacturer based in Portugal and is the world’s leading brand in DC chargers and consequently also in ultra-fast chargers.

The design and the robust housing make this brand a premium product that has many options. You can place them in a network, you can personalise them specifically for your company, they can provide DC power from 24 kW to 350 kW….. In short, these chargers need more of a detailed description than we can provide here.

That is why we are happy to come and visit you on location to discuss everything with you and take a closer look. Of course, these chargers also require the corresponding electrical facilities.

For these chargers, a generous subsidy is available until April 2023. Take advantage of this discount today and ask our company for more information.

As a distributor of chargers, we are proud to represent this brand.

You can connect payment terminals and charge your car in less than 30 minutes. With certain cars that are equipped for this, you can even charge in 3 minutes in order to be able to drive 100 km.

Top 3 charging stations from Efacec


Efacec HV 160 G1


Efacec QC Bus


Efacec QC45 serie

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